We are one

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain

I am God loving. I am not God fearing. I don’t do anything wrong. God is always with me so I am not afraid of him or anyone else. I am not doing anything. All is being done. every action is just happening the way it has to be. I am silent observer and I refuse to identify and attach myself with any.

I live within God and He is within me. We are one.

Dhyanacharya Ajay Jain

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain, promoter of Divine Advice, is a cheerful, interactive and humble person. Born on 15th of August, he comes from a family of well read and spiritually enhanced parents. After completing his higher studies, Ajay Jain transformed his lifestyle as a socially, mentally and spiritually conscious person. Transformation begins with restlessness. If it converts into quest, it can lead to the awakening of sub conscious mind, then to social awareness, spiritual awareness and ultimately to enlightenment. The quest for self has taken him to higher levels of consciousness which helps him serve the needy and other segments of the society. He believes that we all are part of the cosmos and there is more to the life than what meets the eye. There are unseen auras, unheard heartbeats and unfelt healing touches. “KNOW YOUR SELF TO KNOW OTHERS” is the thought that inspires him to work for all parts of the society. He is also a poet, a creative person and engages himself in regularly organizing cultural, social, religious and spiritual talks and events to promote the same. The urge to work for the Jain Community at large came after self - realization. He is a social activist with a zeal for upliftment of all sections of Jains and aim of spiritual enlightenment of all living beings. His doors are always open for the needy.

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