Jin Chetna - Light and Sound Stage Show

‘Jin Chetna’, as the name suggests, talks about the super soul that has conquered all its enemies like anger, affection, Greed, lust etc.

The soul is now liberated, enlightened and will never take birth again.

This is the proven (Siddha) and free of all kinds of enemies (Arihanta) state of soul.

Jain religion has deities called Teerthankars who have attained highest level of purity and righteousness of body, mind and soul
through their penance and minimization of karmas (actions) during their cycle of births.

Jains believe that a set of 24 souls attain the position of Tirthankar in every time cycle.

According to Jain philosophy, this present time cycle had its First Thirthankara named Lord Rishabh Dev and 24th was Lord Mahaveera who offered his last message and story ends with Salvation (Moksha) of Lord Mahaveera.

It is not possible to tell complete story of all 24 Thirthankrs in such short time duration. So very important life incidents of Lord Rishbhadev, Bahubali and Bharat, Lord Neminath and Lord Parshvnath are shown in 1st part.

2nd part of Jin Chetna shows story of Lord Mahveera, the last Tirthankar.

Story begins from the conception by Queen Trishala, mother of Lord Mahaveera as Child Mahaveera enters the womb of his mother. All celebrate birth of Mahaveera and Indra does first Abhishek (Holy bath) of newly born.

Vardhman, now a grown up man is a different personality and is always busy meditating and remains in lonely areas of Palace.

He seeks permission of his family and leaves home in search of his true self and gains Keval Gyan (Absolute Knowledge).

He goes to many places and during his journey he blesses demon like Shulpani.

Later as a result of misunderstanding, a cow herder puts nails into his ears and that becomes the cessation of his past karmas.

Mahaveera achieves Keval Gyan (Absolute Knowledge) and delivers his First Discourse in Samosaran arranged by Indra.

Gautam Swami’s curiosity was answered by Lord Mahaveera in telepathic language.

This part of ‘Jin Chetna’ is based on the pre and post life incidences of 24th Teerthankar Lord Mahaveera.

It is presented by mixing old Indian
Nautanki style, Theater style of mid 80s and modern day acting styles.

JIn Chetna - Light And Sound Show has been performed in many cities and was also staged in Acharya Sushil Ashram, New Jersey, USA to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Ashram. Jin Chetna can be stage any where in any city of India and abroad. To arrange the show in your city feel free to contact on Email: jainworldmission@yahoo.com

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