Jain World Mission

A mission to serve world through principles of “Non-Violence” and “Live And Let Live”


Discourse And Meditation Session



The urge to serve Jain Religion and society at large and to encourage people to understand Jainism, inspired Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain, the promoter of JWM to create this common platform JWM for all Jains belonging to different schools of thoughts.

JWM is open to all, who may be living in any part of world and following any segment of Jainism..

JAIN WORLD MISSION was Constituted and Registered as TRUST under the Law of State in the year 2010.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain, Spiritual Adviser, Astro- Vastu Consultant, is the Promoter and  Managing Trustee of JWM.


JWM is working for Jain society on following main objectives:-

  • To serve world through principles of “Non-Violence” and “Live And Let Live”.
  • To facilitate and encourage Jain society for Jain Pilgrimage and visiting Jain Holy Places in India and Abroad.
  • To Establish Jain Mediation and Settlement Centers in India at State level in accordance with Indian Arbitration and Reconciliation Act.
  • To organize Jain Business Meets and Festivals to promote business activities among Jains.
  • To arrange for employment for Jains.
  • To build a Jain Museum with Statues of all past and present Jain Saints.
  • To organize Jain Religious, Social and Cultural Programs.
  • To organize Religious and Spiritual Talks and workshops to promote Jain Philosophy.


JWM is working for Jain society on following other objectives:-

  • To establish Harmony amongst all Religions.
  • To honor Jain Achievers of all fields from India and Abroad.
  • To encourage Talent in Jain Children and Youth.
  • To motivate children and youth towards Jain Practices and Principles.
  • To hold Jain Exhibitions and Film Shows.
  • To encourage all Jain families of India and Abroad to meet at least once in a year in “Jain Mahayog” to be held at different places in India and Abroad every year.

For more videos, please visit Youtube Channel – Dhyanacharya Ajay Jain.


मुनी प्रमाण सागर के बन्डा, सागर, म0 प्र0 में प्रवेश पर जैन समाज द्वारा भव्य स्वागत किया गया। आज के संकट काल मे जब पूरा देश महामारी से जूझ रहा है और सामाजिक दूरी एक आवश्यकता है, ऐसे में जैन समाज का धार्मिक भावना में बहकर बाहर निकल आना निश्चित रूप से चिन्तनीय बात है। समाज के बाहर आने का जिम्मेदार प्रशासन भी है। जैन समाज को अपनी प्रतिष्ठा और छवि के अनुरूप आचरण करना चाहिये। ऐसे समय में जब जिनेन्द्रलय भी बन्द होने पर सभी घर पर ही वंदन कर रहे हैं तो फिर मुनी दर्शन की इतनी व्याकुलता क्यूं? विवेक और संयम के मार्ग का अनुसरण करना चाहिये।

We believe in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” –  “the world is one family”.

We are here to serve the world and we invite all to be a part of JWM and get to know Jainism more closely.

Ajay Jain is a spiritual person with an artistic taste. It's a delight to see Ajay promoting art with spirituality. He is always full of energy and is a positive person by heart ans mind.
M F Hussain
Ajay Jain of Divine Advice from India is a Meditation Guru. He says, "All stress is because of lack of confidence one has in self. One has to live in present and behave accordingly so that future is tension free.”
New York Times
I got a chance to see Mr. Ajay Jain's Crystals in his office and it was amazing. He knows his job and has depth of knowledge. I wish him all success in his life to make other's life happy and peaceful.
Padmini Kolhapure

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